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About Bell Wellness Care

Bell Wellness Care, PLLC, provides progressive contemporary comprehensive medical care. Services will focus on a holistic approach for the individual and family. This will include intentional establishment and maintenance of wellness of the mind, body, and spirit as a whole.

Meet Dr. Bell

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Dr. Charles H. Bell is a graduate of Rider University, BA Biology, Temple University School of Pharmacy, BS Pharm, and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed a residency in general internal medicine at Phoenix General Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona. His 40 plus years of experience includes working in multiple roles as a pharmacist, ambulatory medicine, emergency medicine, acute care and critical care medicine. He spent ten plus years in private practice before transitioning to a full time hospitalist where he practiced an additional ten years. He has been involved in medical informatics since 1996.  He joined HCA in March of 2010.  He currently serves as a physician consultant for CereCore, a subsidiary of Hospital Corporation of America, and MEDITECH, an international medical software company. Dr. Bell also has been engaged in stem cell research and offers stem cell therapy as a treatment option. Recently, Dr. Bell became associated with The Centers for Energetic Healing. His passions include his faith, family, friends, medicine, and music. He also enjoys photography and cooking.


The Bell Wellness Care Personal Program

Our practice is designed to incorporate the basic tenets of osteopathic medicine focusing on a holistic approach to treatment. We understand the stress and demands of modern day life on individuals, and subsequently the family, especially in today’s climate. 


A major aspect of wellness is prevention. At the core, our approach is to achieve coordination of care for the whole individual including their spiritual well-being.  There will be an incorporation of key concepts such as food as medicine. The emphasis of the care we strive to provide is holistic, preventative, and restorative. 

The problem we are looking to resolve is empowering individuals and subsequently families to avoid major as well as minor health issues. We provide alternative treatment(s) as an addition to or replacement of conventional medical care. This will require a partnership and collaboration between our practice and those that choose to accept a new approach to healthier care with intention.


The Health Coaches Corner

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"Know that YOU are ESSENTIAL..
being in LOVE with YOUrself is extremely ESSENTIAL."

- Tam SchnaBELL

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